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K9 Sprinters, LLC Liability Waiver

K9 Sprinters, LLC Liability Waiver

For the purposes of this document “I”/ “We” refers to the client and K9 Sprinters, LLC refers to all entities, owners, and affiliates of K9 Sprinters, LLC.

Vaccinations: I warrant my dog is current with all vaccinations required by law and is in good health to the best of my knowledge. All dogs will remain current on vaccinations including Rabies and DPP (Distemper, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza). My dog(s) is/ are up-to-date on all vaccinations required by K9 Sprinters, LLC; I understand this is important for the health and well-being of my dog(s). I agree that I will provide a copy of my dog(s) up-to-date vaccination records at at K9 Sprinters, LLC request.

Health of the Pet: The owner specifically acknowledges to K9 Sprinters, LLC that to the owner’s knowledge; the pet has not been exposed to any contagious diseases within a third day before their appointment. During the period of this agreement, owner also agrees to notify K9 Sprinters, LLC if the pet has been in contact of a communicable illness (see below for definition).

Communicable illness: Dogs that have been ill with any communicable illness such as (kennel cough, Giardia, Canine Papilloma Virus) will not be allowed to exercise until the pet is symptom-free for a minimum of 10 days or written veterinary clearance is provided. Any health concerns i.e., coughing, diarrhea, rash, sores, etc. should be brought to the attention of a K9 Sprinters, LLC staff member before the the start of their appointment with K9 Sprinters, LLC.

Nails: All dogs need to have their nails maintained at a reasonable length to prevent injury to themselves.

Fleas/ Mites: All dogs must be free of fleas and mites.

Owner further agrees to maintain currency of vaccinations and preventative flea/ tick treatment as required by K9 Sprinters, LLC. Owner further agrees to be financially responsible for any vehicle and equipment cleaning required for fleas/ ticks, if determined necessary by K9 Sprinters, LLC. K9 Sprinters, LLC reserves the right to deny admittance to owner’s pet for any reason at any time.

All Animals must be: 1) At least 1 year of age. 2) Be in general good health and free of ticks, fleas, and mites. It is highly recommended that dogs are kept on year-round flea/ tick prevention. 3) All animals must be leashed and under control while entering and exiting the vehicle including surrounding space up to 25 yards. A regular 6 foot leash is preferred over a retractable leash.

General Health Risks: K9 Sprinters, LLC employs extensive safety and sanitary precautions to ensure your dog(s) safety and health. We take care of your dog(s) as one of our own family members.

Due to our open run environment, despite reasonable and prudent efforts, certain activities that dog(s) may participate in, including exercising, could result in injury or illness. Illness may occur from exposure to parasites, viruses, and other medical conditions passed from dog-to-dog. Injuries or illness may include sprains, strains, stretches, broken bones, fatigue, dehydration, nicks, cut, bleeding, mental or physical stress. Exercise can also expose a hidden medical problem or aggravate a current one, or death. Not each and every potential risk can be listed, but nonetheless the client agrees that the benefits associated with dog exercise outweigh the possible risks. Owner agrees not to hold K9 Sprinters, LLC or any individual performing services responsible for any injuries, which might result from the exercise process. Extra care will be taken when exercising dogs older than 6 years of age, however the owner understands possible reactions such as stress, skin irritation, possible nicks to the skin or toe nail quicks may occur.

Skin Irritations: Because skin irregularities may protrude from the skin, they are vulnerable to irritations, nicks, or cuts during the running process. Owner agrees not to hold K9 Sprinters, LLC or any individual performing services responsible for any irritations, nicks, or cuts during the running process.

Aging and Special Needs Pets: Owner is aware that as a pet ages or if the pet has special medical conditions, the process of exercising may become stressful, both physically and mentally. The stress of exercise may cause latent, unknown, active or inactive conditions such as arthritis, bone, joint, or surgical sites to become active or inflamed, and unknown active or inactive heart, kidney, or liver disorders to become active and result in illness, seizures, or the death of the pet. Although these cases are extremely rare, every precaution will be made by staff to limit these from occurring.  Although we will take responsible care in exercising of the pet, owner acknowledges that the stress of exercising may initiate immediate or latent medical problems in your pet. Owner agrees not to hold K9 Sprinters, LLC or any individual performing services responsible for any and all reactions to exercising.

Aggressive Pets: We reserve the right to refuse service, or to stop service in progress, if your pet may pose a threat to themselves, or other pets, or the individual providing the service to your pet; whether it be an aggression problem, health problem, parasite problem, or any unforeseen problem.

Owner Responsibility: If my dog is ill or injured while participating in activities at K9 Sprinters, LLC; K9 Sprinters, LLC will make every reasonable effort to reach the owner pursuant to the contact information the owner has provided. The owner agrees to be solely responsible and liable for any and all acts of behavior of their pet. This may include, but is not limited to injury or death to the pet(s) or injury or death to any individual providing services in our vehicle. If pet becomes ill or injured, or if the state of the animals health otherwise requires professional attention, K9 Sprinters, LLC, in its sole discretion, may engage the services of a veterinarian or the nearest veterinarian clinic/ hospital or give other prerequisite attention to the animal, and the expenses thereof shall be paid by the owner. I will not hold K9 Sprinters, LLC or any individual providing services liable for any expense resulting from such. I will not hold K9 Sprinters, LLC responsible for any injury or sickness caused by said pet to itself during exercising. I accept the responsibility of paying for any damage to the facility, property, equipment caused by my dog.

Customer Cancellation/ No Show Policy & Fees: I understand and agree if I cancel with more than 12 hour notice, there is no cancelation fee. If I fail to show up for my scheduled appointment or cancel, on the first occurrence, I will be charged half of the cost of the scheduled appointment. On my second occurrence of cancelation or no-show, I will be charged the full amount of my appointment and I will not be able to make another appointment until such fee is paid in full. All fees and cost of service is due before start of services. Emergencies happen from time to time, reach out to us by phone and we will see how we can accommodate. Please call or text K9 Sprinters, LLC at (507) 405-4345, for your cancellations. 

K9 Sprinters, LLC wants to give every client the opportunity to read and fully understand the liability waiver. If I fail to sign K9 Sprinters, LLC's liability waiver and I proceeded booking through the website, my booking is subject to cancelation.  

Delays/Cancellations: Seasonal weather events and other disruptions may occur and cause delays to services scheduled. Our top priorities is the safety and well-being of our team members of K9 Sprinters, LLC and providing the best services to our customers.

K9 Sprinters, LLC shall have no liability if the scheduled exercise was due to force majeure. As used in this rule, “force majeure” means actual, threatened, or reported: 1) Weather conditions or acts of God. 2) Riots, civil unrest. 3) Government regulation, directive or requirement. 4) Any other conditions beyond K9 Sprinters, LLC’s control or any fact not reasonably foreseen by K9 Sprinters, LLC.

In the event that cancellations require regular scheduled services to be rescheduled they will be rescheduled in the most prompt manner at the earliest convenience of K9 Sprinters, LLC where safety of both our team members and client is not in question.

In the event of a cancellation of the scheduled dog run service, the client is entitled to a full refund of all fees and costs paid. This refund will be issued to the original form of payment used at the time of booking. Please note that any applicable processing fees incurred during the transaction are non-refundable and will be deducted from the total refund amount.

Service Area/ Hours: We service a 35 mile radius around Rochester, MN, from city center. Hours are Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00AM (0900 hours) to 5:00PM (1700 hours). Tuesday, Thursday 11:00AM (1100 hours) to 8:00PM (2000 hours). K9 Sprinters, LLC reserves the right to increase or decrease the hours as necessary to facilitate demand.

Pictures:  Numerous pictures are taken of the dogs exercising. Pictures may be posted to our website, Facebook, or other social media outlets, or used in promotional materials at no compensation to the dog’s owner. If you do not wish your dog’s likeness to be used, please let us know.

Owner’s Contact Information or Pet Needs: Please notify the staff of K9 Sprinters, LLC of any changes in contact information (Phone, Address or Veterinarian) provided post enrollment so records can be updated accordingly. Please update pet information such as (Age, Weight, or Vaccinations).

Changes: Prices are subject to change without notice. All clients will be notified regarding policy changes by letter, email, or verbally.

Discounts: Discounts and discount packages are non-transferable except at K9 Sprinters, LLC'S discretion.

Enrollment: New registration personal information will be kept secure and used only for the purposes of K9 Sprinters, LLC. Monthly Packages are a binding commitment that the owner will schedule their appointments as necessary. No make up sessions or refunds are offered for missed runs except at K9 Sprinters, LLC’s discretion.

Payment/ Packages: Owner agrees to pay for pet exercising services provided at the rate in effect of the date the pet is scheduled with K9 Sprinters, LLC. Owner further agrees to pay all costs and charges for additional services requested and all veterinary costs for the pet during the period said pet is in the care of K9 Sprinters, LLC. If you opt to pay via check, if the check bounces owner agrees to pay an additional $25.

All packages are as stated by 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month increments. All monthly packages will be billed at a rate of the total amount of package, in USD, and spread incrementally if using PayPal payments via our website or payed in full using a form of payment of your choice.

Trial Runs: Trial runs will only be offered once per customer during their first interaction with K9 Sprinters, LLC. Trial runs are 45 minutes booked during a 2 hour block of time. All other runs will be 30 minutes in length during a 1 hour block of time. If I book a trial run after I have completed my trial session, sessions will be automatically adjusted to the correct rate and block of time or canceled at the discretion of K9 Sprinters, LLC.

Dog Training:

Training Class Scheduling: Dog training classes begin on the first day of the booking and will run weekly for a duration of 6 weeks. The dates and times of these classes are fixed (at first booking), and it is the responsibility of the client to ensure their availability. Class dates and times can be changed based on availability, or after discussion by both client (signee and K9 Sprinters, LLC). 

Homework Assignments: Following each lesson, homework will be assigned to reinforce the training conducted during each session. It is the responsibility of the client to complete the recommended homework. Failure to do so may hinder the dog's progress and could result in the need for a make-up session. Make-up sessions will be at the expense of the client, charged at the current rate for a "Single" dog training session.

Cancellation Policy for Dog Training Classes: Client agrees to keep the dog(s) trolled through the completion of the agreed upon program, If a client cancels their participation in the in-home dog basic obedience class, they will forfeit the cost of the remaining classes. This policy is due to the structured nature of the training program and the allocation of resources and time by K9 Sprinters, LLC.

K9 Sprinters, LLC reserves the right to terminate training at anytime during the duration of training at its sole discretion. 

Client specifically agrees that K9 Sprinters, LLC is not liable for injury to the heroine due to escape from its facility or homeowners residence, injury from interactions with other dogs at the facility or homeowners residence or any injury or expenses due to unexpected medical or preexisting medical conditions. Client further agrees that K9 Sprinters, LLC is not responsible for the death of any dog(s) absent gross negligence by K9 Sprinters, LLC. 

Diseases: Client specifically represents that the dog is healthy and has not been exposed to communicable diseases such as rabies or distemper in a 30 day period immediately prior to the class start date. 

Client agrees, understands, and acknowledges that the elimination or modification of behaviors is not guaranteed. the client acknowledges that dog training will not provide exact results. Each dog is different in regards to ability, breeding, temperament, and genetics. client futher agrees to accept responsibility for any damages to the named dog may cause malicious, aggressive, or improper behavior that may occur before, during, or after all services provided by K9 Sprinters, LLC. Futermore, client understands and agrees that dog training may involve some risks to client, members of clients family, or dog. Client assume all risks associated with participating in this training and will not hold K9 Sprinters, LLC or its staff responsible for the event of injury to client. Client agrees to comply with the instructions, rules and decisions of the training instructor as it relates to Client or dog's ability to safely complete each training session. Client also agrees to assume all responsibility for any damage done to property, persons, or other dogs done by Client or dog's actions. 

Non-spayed Females: Please let us know via phone or text as soon as possible that your dog goes into heat. The class structure is setup as 1:1 instruction but please have the necessary garments readily available (diapers, etc.) during class so that it doesn't hinder future dogs in future classes. 

Adjustment of Class Schedules: K9 Sprinters, LLC reserves the right to adjust the time and date of the next classes based on weather conditions, safety considerations, or other scheduling conflicts. Clients will be notified as soon as possible of any changes to the class schedule. K9 Sprinters, LLC reserves the right to change any class to an online format if a schedule conflict occurs.

Training Methods: I understand that K9 Sprinters, LLC employs a variety of training techniques, including positive reinforcement and other forms of operant conditioning. K9 Sprinters, LLC is considered an unlimited and holistic dog training facility, offering a range of training methods. The pros and cons of each technique will be explained to me, allowing me to make informed decisions about the training approach that is best for my dog. However, the final discretion on the application of these techniques rests with the dog trainer. I agree not to use any harsh, punitive, or abusive techniques with my dog(s) during or in connection with the classes and/or provided by K9 Sprinters, LLC.


Liability Waiver: I agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless K9 Sprinters, LLC, its owners, employees, and agents from any and all claims of injury, expense, costs, or damages caused by the actions of my dog(s) while participating in the training classes. This includes, but is not limited to, any injury or damage to other dogs, people, or property.

Photography and Videography: I consent to K9 Sprinters, LLC's use of photographs or videos taken during training classes for promotional, educational, or other business purposes, as previously detailed under the 'Pictures' section of this agreement.

Dog Retrieval by K9 Sprinter LLC: it is the clients responsibility to provide a safe and acceptable place to leave your pet for us to safely retrieve them. I am responsible for pet proofing my home, yard, fences, gates, and all latches at all times. K9 Sprinters, LLC will not be responsible for the safety of any dog(s) for liable for injury, disappearance, death, or fines of any pet(s) with unsupervised access to the outdoors.

K9 Sprinters, LLC Will not be held responsible for damages to any clients yard, home, or property while exercising dogs. In the event that the owner requests that K9 Sprinters, LLC picks up my dog while I am away, I understand that K9 Sprinters, LLC is not responsible for the property before, during, and after the scheduled service.

In the event where a key is left, K9 Sprinters, LLC will not be held responsible for any damages or theft to my property. K9 Sprinter, LLC does not keep/store any keys. I am responsible for a designated key location, lockbox, garage door entry code and to provide K9 Sprinters, LLC with access. K9 Sprinter, LLC is not liable for any loss or damage in the event of a burglary that should occur under this section. K9 Sprinters, LLC agrees to secure owners home while their dog(s) are exercising and at the completion of each scheduled service. I understand that I waive all rights and I liable if any unforeseen acts therein.

This agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties. All terms and conditions of this agreement shall be binding on the heirs, administrators, personal representatives, and assigns of the owner and K9 Sprinters, LLC. I agree that I have read and understand the rules and conditions for K9 Sprinters, LLC. By signing this agreement with K9 Sprinters, LLC, owner certifies to the accuracy of all information provided about said pet including any pre—existing health conditions or history of aggression towards any person or any other dog. I understand that my dog, my guests, or I may be videotaped or photographed and that these images become the property of K9 Sprinters, LLC. I agree to release, hold harmless, acquit, will indemnify, and forever discharge K9 Sprinters, LLC from all and in all manner of action and actions, suits damages, judgements, executions, claims, liabilities, demands, actions, or rights of action, which are related to, rise out of, or are in anyway connected with the dogs participation in activities at K9 Sprinters, LLC. and demands whatsoever, in law or in equity, which I or any other person have with me during exercising and self-service at K9 Sprinters, LLC. This agreement shall be construed under the laws of the State of Minnesota and any dispute shall be venued in Olmsted County, Minnesota. 

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