“Howel” We’re

“Howel” We’re

Kyle and Ashley are awesome! They care about your pets and the dogs really enjoy their time with them and they get a great workout. Thanks for all the love and caring!!

L. Molenda

K9 Sprinter is dedicated to offering canine owners an opportunity to provide their dogs with exercise to top off trips to the dog park, walks and socialization. My one dog, Clyde is a high energy, intelligent Portuguese Water Dog who is greatly benefiting from weekly runs on a non motorized, custom made treadmill for all breeds and sizes. Careful research and knowledge have created an outstanding service and opportunity for all of us in the community to contribute to our dogs improving health and enjoyment in their everyday lives.

Miriam H.

Nothing but great experiences. They are so patient with my nervous pup. I hung out in the van for the first two runs to help her gain confidence. After that, she’s been happy to hop right in the van and trot away! I am excited to have this service available this winter when the weather is not so great for walks.


Highly recommend K9 Sprinter!! Our dogs were well exercised (mentally and physically) after one session with K9 Sprinter. Kyle took extra time to safely and slowly introduce our dogs to the slat mill. He knows that every dog is different and will react to the slat mill differently.

It goes at whatever pace your dog goes at. So if your dog stops walking, the mill stops turning. Our dogs were nervous at first, but Kyle used positive reinforcement to encourage them.

We will definitely be making this a weekly event for our dogs! Thank you K9 Sprinter!

T. Johnson

What a wonderful business and a lovely setup with custom, safe, very high-quality slatmills that allow for varying conditions for any size of dog. My confident, athletic Rottweiler thoroughly enjoyed using his training in a different manner than normal and I was allowed to be in the van to encourage/reward him with his favorite toy. Kyle was fun to work with, did great with my dog and I can tell he has worked successfully with a wide variety of dog temperaments in this venture. I look forward to more sessions to emphasize more aerobic fitness as an adjunct to my dog’s other forms of exercise!

Lynn S.

“The K9 Sprinter Team was helpful, attentive, and professional. They used every safety measure to make sure my dogs were safe during their run. The facility is clean and well maintained- every detail has been accounted for. My Beagle and Yellow Lab were definitely tired afterward. Thank you K9 Sprinter! I will definitely be using your services in the future!! “


Fantastic service! They’re so helpful and understanding when your dog is getting used to the set up.

Paxton M.

K9 Sprinter came to my home for my two dogs. Kyle and Ashley were very patient and encouraging as my dogs tried something completely new. I knew it would be good physical exercise, but the mental focus was a huge benefit (one of my dogs is a blue heeler and this was a great mental work for him)! After the “run” Ashley and Kyle were open to my questions and suggestions for possible future experiences. Overall, I am very glad I did this for my dogs and hope to make it part of their routine!

Kirsten D.