to Success

K9 Sprinter is committed to deepening the bond between you and your pet through our ‘T.I.E.S to Success’ approach.

to Success

K9 Sprinter is committed to deepening the bond between you and your pet through our ‘T.I.E.S to Success’ approach.


Why It’s Important:

Training is the foundation of a well-behaved and healthy dog. It not only teaches basic commands but also helps in managing behavioral issues. This means a more harmonious relationship with your pet, as training establishes clear communication and understanding between the dog and its owner.

Training is more than teaching commands; it’s about creating a language that you and your dog understand. It paves the way for a respectful and loving relationship.


Why It’s Important:

Inspiration in dog training goes beyond the mechanics of teaching behaviors. It’s about igniting a passion and joy in both the dog and the owner. When a dog is inspired, it learns better and faster, and the training becomes a positive, enjoyable experience.

Inspiring your dog during training enhances their eagerness to learn and strengthens the bond you share, making each training session something you both look forward to.


Why It’s Important:

Educating the owner is just as crucial as training the dog. An informed owner understands their dog’s needs, behaviors, and how to reinforce training effectively at home. This ensures that the training is consistent and long-lasting.

By educating yourself about your dog’s behavior and needs, you become a more effective and empathetic partner in your dog’s training journey.


Why It’s Important:

Structure and consistency are key in dog training. They provide the dog with a sense of security and predictability, which is essential for learning and behavior modification. For our clients, this means a more manageable and less stressful life with your pet.

A structured approach to training introduces consistency and clarity, helping your dog understand what is expected and allowing them to thrive within the boundaries set.

Class Options

We have two different class options available:

Mobile training takes place at your home.
*For locations over 35 miles from Rochester, a mileage fee will be added.
On-Site training is where clients will travel to our location for dog training classes.

Payment plans are available through PayPal or K9 Sprinter. 

Integrating the T.I.E.S Philosophy in Every Session

At K9 Sprinter, our T.I.E.S to Success philosophy—Training, Inspiring, Educating, and Structure—guides our comprehensive approach to dog training, ensuring we cater to the unique needs of puppies and adult dogs alike.

Train: Understanding the fundamentals is key to eliminating behavioral issues. We believe in laying a solid foundation for both puppies and adult dogs, focusing on teaching proper behavior rather than just commands. This approach helps to address and eliminate many behavioral issues by instilling a clear understanding of acceptable behavior in various situations using positive reinforcement techniques.

Puppies, much like infants and toddlers, require guidance to learn good manners and develop a pleasant nature. Although puppies receive critical socialization from their mothers and litter-mates in the first 12 weeks, it’s crucial for pet parents to continue this education. Our puppy training program, builds on this foundation of trust and respect in a safe and nurturing environment. We cover essentials such as crate training, potty training, and leash training (and much more), ensuring your puppy grows into the best dog they can be.

Inspire: Our mission is to inspire pet parents by teaching you effective communication techniques with your dog. Removing the specific methodology, we focus on fostering a deep connection between you and your dog, enabling you to guide their behavior positively. Training in the comfort of your home ensures that learning occurs where your dog feels most secure, leading to lasting and consistent results.

Educate: Education is at the heart of what we do. We aim to teach pet owners on the reasons behind their dog’s behavior and the best ways to address it. This includes understanding complex issues like dog aggression, which can stem from vulnerability, fear, or misunderstanding of their role within the pack.

Structure: Our training programs are structured to address the specific challenges your dog may face. We work to identify and resolve issues promoting harmony within your household.

Incorporating these elements into our T.I.E.S to Success framework, K9 Sprinter remains dedicated to transforming the dynamics between pet parents and their dogs. Our comprehensive approach ensures a deep, mutual understanding, fostering a relationship built on respect, love, and well-being.